Monday, May 25, 2009

Deziree's report on her Mum

Deziree's Mum Jillaine does kind deeds for Deziree. She let's Deziree go round to her friend's place over the holidays and does the dishes. Check out her report.


Sela said...

Hey there Deziree,
Nice description of your mum. I'm sure your mum is kind, wow so your mums got 7 children she must be busy! My mum is. I really like your picture its really detailed because its got the hair, eyes and the nose and mouth. I'm sure I couldn't draw like that when I was your age. Anyway hope to see more of your work.


Paulitia said...

Hi there Deziree
Awesome picture of your mum. I really like the way you explained your mum. Sounds like your mum is very kind to you.

Keep up the very good work.
From Paulitia Pt England School