Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Right Way in dealing with bullying

This is Dante, Patrick, Khorus and Yvette's second movie in which they have changed their script slightly in which our victims Dante and Patrick focus on using "I" statements in dealing to our bullies Yvette and Khorus. The "I" statements have worked so well that the bullies Yvette and Khorus are made to apologize. Check out the second version to our bullying movie on spreading rumours.


Mrs Boyer said...

This is a great way to deal with bullying, boys. You are giving the bullies the message that you will not put up with their bad words. I like the way you said your words loudly while you were looking straight at them. This video will be good to help others if they are being bullied.

Room 3 PBS said...

Thank you Mrs Boyer for watching our movie and sending us a message. We liked learning our lines and acting our words out.

From Room 3
(Dante, Patrick, Yvette and Khorus)