Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Yvette's Production Writing

I thought we were good at our production. The bad thing is people shake their shakers and people talk. I'm going to be nervous because lots of people will be there. The blue group is not noisy, the pink and yellow group are noisy. People had to look at the audience on the stage. We did our practise wearing our costume and then we did another practise without our costumes. I loved our production and our music. Yesterday when we did our production in front of our parents in the afternoon Germaine and Oxsanah looked behind at the screen. I didn't. I liked the robot dance and the shields. The stars on our star glasses are shiny. I thought we were great when we did our production. We were fantastic. I liked the way we danced. At the end of our production we sang just one Earth. Then we went back to class.

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