Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Challenge 1: Message in a Bottle

To answer whether our friend Toddy the Chocolate Brown Labrador Puppy went missing we had to complete Challenge 1. Firstly, Miss Paton our teacher had to divide us into teams.

The first team was called Alpha. The Alpha Team consisted of Caitlin (captain), Reon, Savannah, Pace and Creedence.
The second team was called Beta. The Beta Team consisted of Thomas (captain), Teina, Deziree, Dante and Germaine.
The third team was called Gamma. The Gamma team consisted of Yvette (captain), Oh S'mar, Marama, Amato, Liantre and Khorus.
The forth team was called Delta. The Delta team consisted of Mary (captain), Patrick, Fine, Oxsanah and Ducati.

The Challenge for each team was finding a brown Ginger Beer bottle that was hidden around the school. The bottle had a message inside it. Each team was given one clue on the where abouts of their bottle. Let's check out the movies.

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