Thursday, June 24, 2010

Counting Backwards By Vincent and Kylie

Clapping games are great reinforcements to Maths concepts. The more creative, the better. These can be done any where, any time.
Today Vincent and Kylie created their own clapping game for counting backwards from 30. Check out their video. Have a go at trying Kylie and Vincent's clapping game or maybe you might want to create your own.


Madmacnz said...

Vincent, and Kylie - I think your clapping game was great! It was very clever (I don't think I could remember all those different things you were doing) and you counted backwards really well too!


Julia said...

Wow! That is amazing counting. The actions were so clever too. How can you think about so many different things all at the same time?

Vinny And Johny said...

Hi Vincent and Kylie,
I just finished looking at your clapping game.