Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ordering Monkeys Video 2

Check out our second video on Ordering Monkeys.


kapri said...

undear rm3
I liked your clases movie and i liked how your class was possing and you put great people in your blog picked the right people to do it because they had a big loud voice.I injoyed watching
your clases movie and movie.
from kapri

Maria said...

Dear Room 3,
Your movie is great it keeps you entertained and you learn a lot too. You all had big smiles and your monkeys were awesome. Keep up the good work.

Room 3 PBS said...

Dear Kapri,

Thank you for making a comment on our class blog. We liked ordering the Monkey and we liked the song too.

From Room 3

J.Leeming said...

Hi Room 3
I like your movie about ordering monkies.I think your have got a very good teacher to show you how to make it.She is such a good teacher that Miss Paton can teach me how to make a comment too!
Well done .
Best Wishes
From Mrs Leeming.