Monday, August 16, 2010

Jessie's Red Poem

Learn how Jessie describes the colour red in her senses poem.


deziree said...

Hi Jessie
You were speaking also well and you just have to speak clear and loud and can you please do some action next time .

rose said...

Hey Jessie I like the way that you read the poem nicely
fantasticly brillantly and fabulously. It was so exciting to hear your voice.

Love from Rose

Toby and Nina said...

Dear Jessie,
we really liked listening to you describe the colour red. When we shut our eyes we could see what you were saying in our heads!
From Toby and Nina.

Room 3 Panmure Bridge School said...

Hi Deziree, Rose, Toby and Nina,

Thank you for leaving us a comment on our blog. It was very kind of you to make kind comments. We will now look at your class blogs.

From Room PBS

huriata said...

hi JESSIEN i like moove