Wednesday, August 25, 2010

John's Poem on the colour Red

Check out John's Poem on the colour Red. Listen to the many things that he associates red with.


Room A4 said...

Wow John
That was a very good poem, you must be a great writer. We like how you thought of more than one idea about red for each of the senses.

Room 3 PBS said...

Hi Room A4,

Thank you for leaving John a comment. We liked John's poem too, as he used lots of great ideas.He also spoke clearly and loudly.

Thanking for visiting our class blog.


Room 3 Panmure Bridge School

mia said...

Hi john,
we like your red poem it is very good.
We like how you spoke clearly.It is nice.
You must be a great lerner. keep up the great work.

from mia and loisi.