Friday, September 24, 2010

Iron Brion Recount By Vincent

Vincent enjoyed Iron Brion and laughed when Iron Brion was blaming his smelly socks for his sneezing. It was a really fun show. Check out Vincent's recount on Iron Brion's visit.


Glenbrae Room 7 said...

Hi Vincent,
Your drawings of Iron Brion are great. He was very funny.
Your class asked about cubism and Pablo Picasso. We will put some information about him up on our blog next term so keep checking and you will find the answers.
Have a happy holiday.
Room 7

Room 3 PBS said...

Hi Room 7,

Thank you for making a comment to Vincent. We look forward to reding about cubism and Pablo Picasso off your blog.

Keep up the great learning and have a fun holiday.

From your friends in Room 3 Panmure Bridge School

Loisi said...

hi vincent

I like your Iron Brion work and like you drawing of Iron Brion he was funny too.

from Loisi