Friday, February 25, 2011

Our time at Eastern Beach By Isabella

Yesterday the whole school went to Eastern Beach for our school picnic. Once we got there we had morning tea. Once it was 12:30pm Rooms 5 and 6 went to swim. We had a blast some of us were playing tag. I really enjoyed the day at the beach, then I went home with my Dad.


room5 said...

hi isabella

i love what you did with your story and i hoped you enjoyed the time there at eastern beach.

by leila in room6

Mrs Hamilton said...

Hi Isabella,

What an amazing post about going to the beach. We wish we went there with you. We liked how you finished with a feeling in you recount. If you want to make it even better, you could tell us even more about what happened at the beach. Great job!

From LH2 at Stonefields School

Room 6 PBS Students said...
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Patrick said...

Hi Room 5

Did you have a great time at eastern beach because I had a really great time there but not the beach.

From Patrick

Tiare said...

Hey Isabella thanks for making nice comments on my blog .