Thursday, August 4, 2011

Creative Voice turns 1000

Today Thursday August 4th at 11:17am, our class blog Creative Voice reached 1000 posts. Silas' Chocolate Crackles Poem was the 1000th for this blog. This is a real achievement as this blog has followed 3 classes of students at Panmure Bridge School. Two of the classes were Year 2 and one of the classes was Years 5 & 6. The very first blog post made on Thursday February 5th 2009. Creative Voice celebrates students talents in literacy, numeracy and topic knowledge. It has been there to capture students' knowledge on a range of subjects and has been there to share the happy, sad, challenging experiences / times of student life. Each year students watch their progress grow and confidence levels develop. It is a very rewarding experience and for me as the teacher I feel very privileged to be working with these talented students. May long Creative Voice continue.


Manaiakalani said...

Congratulations to all the stunning Panmure Bridge students who have contributed to this milestone. What an awesome achievement! And what a fabulous teacher you have to have enabled this so people around the world could share in your learning.

Mrs Burt

Tiare said...

Hi Room 5

Congratulations Room 5 awesome out standing work you've got. KEEP IT UP!

kapri said...

Hi room 5

I am proud of that we got up 2 100,000 posts.KEEP UP THE GRAET WORK!