Monday, August 22, 2011

Our exciting day

It's official we are now a Netbook class!!!
Today was the big day for opening up our Netbooks and for setting up our Netbooks with our personal setting. It was a great day for checking out some of the in built programmes on our Netbook. We were very lucky to have Mrs Burt, Miss Gleeson, Nevin and Dip come to help us. Check out our movie.

Untitled from Joy Paton on Vimeo.


Room 7 Students said...

Hi Miss Paton and Room 5 Students,
It was great to see your movie as it reminded us of how we felt when we first got our netbooks.
We don't know what we would do without these amazing educational tools now.We use them every day for all our subjects.
Good luck with yours and happy learning.
Room 7 and Mrs Boyer

Muatau said...

That must be so exciting!
At out school we have net books and I have a job with a partner and his name is Miduran and we have to charge it every after noon but sometimes it messy,Our breakthrough is yo find a solution to that problem.
I hope you have fun.

By Muatau at Stonefields School.

Muatau said...

Sorry for my last comment.
I was meant to say Our breakthrough is to find a solution to that problem.
From Muatau at Stonefields School.

room2 said...

Hi Ms Paton and room 5
We loved your movie. The computers are really cool. We think we should also get some too.
Thank you for showing them to us.

From Room 2

ilalio said...

I know I was really happy when I was getting my net book because I wanted to cheack out some amazing thing on the internet. I really like your story keep up the hard work.

merika said...

my class is so lucky at the moment. and it's my first time seeing a net-book

by merika