Friday, November 25, 2011

Asmah's Athletics Fun

Hurray!!! it`s Friday it`s the day I was waiting for since Monday. It`s Athletics day. Miss Sayers told the 10 and 11 year olds to do the Jump Jam. Miss Sayers told the 9 year olds to do the high jump.

I was in the 9 year olds group. First it was the boys and then it was the girls. Soon it was the girls turn, I was after Samantha. I felt really nervous when it was my turn.

Next it was time the 9 year olds went to Miss Hiddleston who doing the discus. When it was my turn to throw the discus, I almost threw it the longest out of the girls.

After that we went to Mrs Prasad who was doing shotput. Mrs Prasad told us to line up in fours. Soon it was my turn to do the shotput. I felt really nervous, I didn`t throw it the longest.

Soon Miss Sayers did the siren. That meant it was time to change groups. Next we went to Mrs Huggins who was doing the running. Every one had a turn. The students who came first, second and third got a coloured card that has first, second and third on it.

Soon it was lunch time and the Athletics Sports was finished. I had a great time doing Athletics.

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