Friday, November 18, 2011

Chantelle's trip to the Museum

Our memorable Museum Trip

How wonderful is that, we have just arrived at the Auckland Museum. Now it's time to walk through the entrance way and up the steps. We went to have morning tea. Now our journey begins here. Down the steps we go and now we’re off to learn about the treasure in the museum.

First my group went to the natural discoveries area and it was cool, because we got to see a Moa’s egg. It was huge. We also got to see a kiwi’s egg. It was about the size of half a pencil case. There was also a great big penguin that was just standing there. The greatest thing was that the dinosaurs were bigger than me.

Our next room we went to was weird and wonderful which had insects and spiders. I was scared when I saw the great big hairy tarantula.

Our next room was land and sea which had a great big starfish and there was a cave that had glow worms on the top. There was also a great big red crayfish that might have been the same size as my baby cousin.

After we had finished in the land and sea area we went to the scary volcano room. “Boom boom,” went the television and smoke coming towards me. I screamed loud some people said to me “Were you scared?”. and “Did you scream?”. I said “Yes”.

Up the steps we went to have lunch. My stomach was like a volcano erupting in front of me. I was so hungry that I could not wait to eat my yummy lunch.

After I had finished my yummy lunch my group went to the Wild Child area. In the Wild Child area it had yummy old candy, a great big elephant and a tree house that had a great big ape.

When we had finished in the wild child area we went to the Pacific Room. In the Pacific Room there were beautiful tapa cloths, necklaces, masks, combs and cloaks. There was also a really huge Waka and a Marae. My group went into the Marae. We talked about where we were going to next. We got to see the Maori patterns, they were very interesting to look at.

Finally we got to end the day by watching a movie on the Maori All Blacks. The best thing was looking at the Maori All Black Jersey when you first walked into room.

It was sad to leave the Auckland Museum. It was a great journey in the museum. Hopefully we can go again later on in the year. It was great fun learning about treasures in the museum.

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maliana said...

Hello Chantelle,

I really enjoyed reading your story about the Auckland Museum Trip. You really put so much details into it. How long did it take for you to finish the story?

By Maliana