Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cody L's time at the Museum

On the November 1st, Rooms’ 5,6, 7 and 8 went on a trip to the museum. When the bus got there we got put in groups with teacher and parents. I got put into Miss Paton group. Silas, Jonathan, Chantalle and Viola were in the same group as me. When we were done we went to the hall with room 6 and 7. Then we got on the bus to go to the museum.
When we got to the museum, we had to go around the museum to find the door to go inside the museum. When we found the door to the museum we went inside and went upstairs to have morning tea. When we finished our morning tea, we went to the Natural Discovery area. In there was dinosaurs, eggs, bats, a kiwi and a big bird called a moa. The moa is a flightless bird and it’s egg is really big. It could feed one classroom full of children. Then we had to answer some questions. After this we went to the land and sea area. In there we went into a cave to find glow worms and some birds in a tall tree. We found the glow worms but not all of the birds.

After that we went to the sea area. In there was fossils and shells. Inside the land and sea area was a water tank with some fish and a lobster. We took a photo of the water tank. Then we took some more photos at land and sea. After this we went to the volcano room. In there was a house and two rocks that could make music. We went in the house and watched a movie about a volcano erupting. The room started to shake and people started to scream. When we were done in the room, we had lunch outside of the museum. We climbed up a tree and saw the Sky Tower. When we finished eating our lunch, we continued our museum visit. \ We went to the wild child area. There was a tree house with some stuff in it and an ape. Down at the down bottom of the tree house were rabbits and a ferret. After that we went to the music room. It was full of instruments like a piano, violins and flutes.Then we went to the Maori court and it had a very long waka. We also went to the Marae. We had to take off our shoes. We went inside the Marae to have a rest and Miss Paton told us where we were going to.

Then we went to this theatre called the All Black Exhibition. The movie was about the Maori All Blacks and rugby. The movie was telling us that when a person wears a number on a Rugby jersey it gets passed on to a different person, when that person is injured or when they retire from the game. The number / jersey does not belong to one person. After that we all met at the grand foyer. Miss Paton counted our heads to see if we were all there, so we could go back to school. I wanted to stay at the museum a bit longer, but we had to go back to school. We all had to go on the bus and I fell asleep on the way back. It was such a great day visiting the Auckland Museum.

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