Friday, November 18, 2011

My time at the Auckland Museum By Maliana

My Time at the Auckland Museum

Yippee I can’t wait to get to the Auckland Museum!! One cloudy Tuesday morning rooms 5, 6, 7, and 8 went to the Auckland Museum. We went on a bus to the Museum. Some parents were there to help us. The parents that came were: Craig-Jarred and Cody’s dad, and Eva Roswell’s grandma. The teachers and support staff were: Mrs Le Strange, Mrs Kelly, Miss Sayers, Miss Paton, Mrs Heeps, Mrs Prasad, Mrs Bruce, Mrs Burgess and Mrs Colenbrander as well.

While we were in the bus I felt very nervous. Jarred and Cody N’s dad Craig was playing music on his phone. He played Jessie J Price Tag, Isabella and I were singing together with the song.

When we got off the bus we walked around the museum to get into the main entrance. When I first saw the museum I felt very shocked because of how huge it was.

When my class and I went inside the museum I felt fantastic. My class and I started our journey off. When we were having our morning tea Miss Paton gave each of the parents and teachers a clip board with questions we had to answer.

When we went inside the museum the people that worked at the museum took rooms 5, 6, 7 and 8 upstairs to have our morning tea. In my group I got to work with: Mrs. Kelly, Kapri, Merika, Isabella, Phoenix, and Dallas. After morning tea my group and I first went to the Weird and Wonderful room.The Weird and Wonderful room had lots of bugs, insects and lizards. The lizards would catch flies. It also had a frog and fish in fish tanks. When I first walked in the room I saw a fish tank and I saw Nemo and his friend Florida. It was very awesome when I went inside the Weird and Wonderful room. It’s really wonderful because there are different kinds of bugs and insects.

My group and I went to the Natural History room where we watched a movie and the movie was about dinosaur bones. We put our ears to the speakers to listen to the people that were talking on the T.V.

When we were walking Chantelle’s group came up to my group and said,”We are going to the Volcano Room”, and then my group asked Mrs Kelly if we could go to the Volcano room and Mrs Kelly said,”Yes”, we could go to the Volcano Room. My group and I shouted,”Yippy!!”, and then Mrs Kelly walked us over to the room. When we were in the room we watched the news of a volcano erupting and there was a big screen in front of us. Then the T.V. was shutting off. Then the room started to shake and we all started to scream because it was our first time in the Volcano room. We didn’t know that the room was going to shake. After that everything stopped moving and it was finished. I really enjoyed the volcano room because it was scary and cool at the same time.

After that we went back to have our lunch. After we had our lunch we walked back to the bus. We went inside it and then we waited till the others came. Then we took off back to school. When we were in the bus I sat next to Chantelle and I fell asleep. I was so exhausted after the trip. When we all got off the bus we went back to class to get our bags and then we went home. When I got home I went into my room and I went to sleep. I had an fantastic day at the Auckland Museum. I hope we go and visit again.


Tevita said...

Hey, Maliana

your backround looks likes blood around it. Ewwwwww! pretty long story you have.

Rose said...

Hey Maliana,

I really like your story it is very awesome. You put so much details into it. How long did it take to make the story about the Museum?

By Rose