Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our trip to the Auckland Museum

Today we visited the Museum to learn about treasures of the past and treasures found in cultures. It was a great day and the children were divided into groups. They were given a Digital Camera and the Flip Video Camera to take lots of photographs of the treasures they found. Here is a small sample of photographs that the class took.

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.


Muatau said...

That's the museum that I went in my week ends.That was the most best day I have had.But I was really tired when I walked the stairs.
I learned a lot.I learned about world war 2.It says that France and German
were allies with Samoa,That's my country.We got protected.My country does not have any ammo and weapons

Francis said...

Wow! you guys the trip to the Auckland Museum must of been very exciting and i love the museum. Their are some really great things there i like the one about the volcano's that's pretty
cool. I hope you enjoyed it a lot.
I wish i went to the Auckland Museum like you!

Rose said...

dear room5
you guys took great pictures of the museum and you guys look great and awesome.

Rose said...

dear room5
you guys look cool and pretty.Even you guys rock.