Friday, November 25, 2011

Viola's time at the Museum

It was our trip to the museum, I was so happy. Then Miss Paton called every body to come down to the mat and do the roll. Before Miss Paton did the roll she said to say hello to Eva and then Miss Paton did the roll. We went outside. The twin’s dad Craig came with us. When we got to the museum it was beautiful. It looked like the white house, then it was are morning tea. We got out of the bus and we followed room 7 to the front door. Room 7 class went in first but the man would not let school classes into the front door, so we went around to the other door.

Then Mrs Heeps’ class students went and room 8 went up the stairs to eat their morning tea. When we got into the museum Miss Paton was talking to the lady who was working at the museum. She told us to go up stairs to eat our morning tea.

After morning tea we got into groups. I was in Miss Paton’s group. The first place we went to was the natural discovery area. We looked at the wonderful things such as dinosaurs, big birds and fossils. I saw a tall bird and it was a moa. It was a three metres tall and I saw a moa’s egg. Miss Paton said that a moa’s egg is the equivalent to 60 hens eggs.

Also I saw fossils. Fossils are when something has died on a hard thing like a rock or on metal. It leaves it bones or shell. I also saw some fish bones and a shell in the rock pool at the the museum.

Then we went to the dinosaur area and we saw their skeletons. Miss Paton asked us which one was the one eats meat? and which one eats plants?.Then we headed to the land and sea area they were full of fish. There were star fish, crabs, cray fish.

We saw a tank that was made out of sand, water and crabs. The water and the crabs were not real. There were a lot of star fish in the tanks that I saw. I saw one that looked like star fish from the movies, it looked very pretty.

Then we headed to the the big cray fish. It looked like it was a huge crayfish. I thought that it was not real but then when I saw it moving, it was real. There were other fish. Then we went down a path, and it was full of fish and sharks. There was a movie playing about the sharks.

Then we headed to the volcano room. When we were there we went in to this room. It was scary because the TV came on by it self. Then the floor start to shake, the light’s went off. Then the volcano blew up. The lava was flowing towards us. Then I herd Chantelle screaming.

Then it was lunch time, we went out side to eat our lunch. We had play time. When everyone finished lunch eating we went inside again. We went into a gallery that had old things such as different chairs, outfits, plates and vases.

After this we went to see tiki’s, patu’s made out of greenstone. Then we walked to the Marae. We had to take our shoes off before we went inside the Marae. I took some photos of the marae, the patterns and the Maori carvings.

In the Pasifika area we saw some nice kete that were made in Tonga.Then we saw some tapa. There were a lot of tapa cloths. There were some from Samoa. There were some drums from the past and some carvings. There was a cloak made out of feathers. It was from Hawaii. It was the chef’s cloak. He only wore it when it was war.

After this we went to an area about rugby in the olden days. Then we went to meet rooms 7, 8 and 6. We went outside to get on the bus. Before we went on the bus Miss Paton did the roll. Then we got on the bus and headed back to school to get our bags. I had a wonderful time at the museum. It was amazing and interesting. I wished we could have stayed there until it closed. I hope we can go again.


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Violas said...

Very nice to hear about the museum experience. As always Violas was amazing and interesting.