Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Who wants to be a Millionaire

Welcome to celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Today could be your chance to become a Millionaire. This movie is based on the favourite TV show. Have a go at answering the questions with the celebrities. You may do better than them. If you enjoyed watching our movie at the cinema or in your classroom, then feel free to leave us a comment. We love getting your feedback.


Room 9@Pt England School said...

Kia Ora Room 5,
We have just finished watching your wonderful movie. We enjoyed taking part and being able to guess what the answers were. We can't wait to see your movie next year.

From Miss Lavakula and Room 9@Pt England School

Anonymous said...

Good job Room 9! :)

From Darwin, Tamaki Primary School.

Christian-St Pius X School said...

You have a very creative Lady Gaga suit.
I enjoyed your cool movie.

Jonah - St Pius X said...

I really enjoyed Jonah Lomu and the other kids but mostly the host. I liked Jonah Lomu's beard and hair. Jonah Lomu should not have taken the money.

Mrs She said...

Hello Room 5,

What an awesome movie! Room 6 and I watched it this afternoon! Some of us don't know the answers too.

From Mrs She and Room 6 @Pt England School.

kapri panmjurebridgeschool said...

hi kobe

that was so cool that i want to watch it again and again and again


Rose said...

dear room5
you guys did a good job.It looks nice and it rocks.Keep up the great work.

Rose said...

hey room5
your guys who wants to be a millionire video rocks. keep up the nice work.

cynthia said...

Kia ora Room 5

I absoultly loved watching your movie lastnight on the big screen at Imax Sylvia Park, you were all wonderful.

Nicola said...

Hey I go to this school, and my opinion on your fantastic movie is
that you have a great teacher because
Miss Paton is fulled with ideas which I absolutely love. You know room
5, when you put the music on
for the people like Ladie Ga Ga it was a Ladie Ga Ga song, that was
very interesting.
It made me wonder.... How did you guys get the music to sound like it
was not outside?
I just can't explain it but your film was great.

Mrs Thompson said...

What a great job you did room 5. Very creative with your costumes - I loved Freda Kahlo - she's my favourite artist! The questions were hard too. Well done.

Rachel said...

Hi Room5 our movie looks so cool I like all the actors and the clothes.

Vivienne said...

Hi Room 5,
Watching this movie makes me think I should enter, because I definitely want to be a millionaire. Those questions were hard, especially the one about when was Panmure Bridge built. Your design for Lady Gaga's dress was really creative. Anyway keep up the great work.


Miss Morris (PBS) said...

Congratulations Room 5 on your movie!

You were really convincing dressed as those celebreties.
Coby was an awesome host and I enjoyed having to think of the answers.

Keep up the great work!

Miss Morris

Josiah said...

Great questions millionaire man who was asking all the New Zealand questions. I liked your acting in the movie because I thought it was real!
From Josiah

Caprice said...

OMG this movie is so cool and funny to watch... I really loved the part when Jona almu came in and started doing the Who wnats to be millionaire... It was crack-up. I would really love it if you put like 1 or 2 more contestents in so that it would look like a real T.V show...

Keleni said...

Funny contest you made room 5 it was so hilarious. My favorite part was when lady gaga was on the hot seat as well as Jonah Lomu. Keep up the amazing work.

Big Fan,

Arapeta said...

Hi Room 5,
I enjoyed watching your movie. It was cool because use made the Jonah Lomu actor really look like him. Keep up the good acting!! :)

wiremu said...

Hi Panmure bridge from Room5 your movie who wants to be a millionaire was amazing.

I liked the part when johna lumu came with his Hurricans T-shrit and his cool hair cut.

Alison said...

Hello Room 5,
It's me Alison.I really liked your guys movie.Jonah lomu was so funny Henry.I also liked Lady Gaga Chantelle
Good effort.KEEP IT UP ROOM5.

Mr Johnston said...

This was a great film and well presented on the night. Congratulations Room 5.

Anonymous said...

Hi couse

that was a really big kid you did wow I cant do that I come from pt England you might not know me my name is Martha but that was a al some move make shue you go on

Sione said...

I like your movie. Having a quiz show was a good idea. Keep up the good work.

Matthew T said...

Hey Room 5

What a creative way of making your own who wants to be a millionare. The people I liked on the show was Jonah Lomu and Lady Gaga.

Well keep up the awesome work
Matthew T