Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Athletics Sports By Veisinia & Chantelle

We couldn’t believe our eyes! On Friday the 18th of November Panmure Bridge School did Athletics to stay fit and to keep healthy. The athletics we had were, Jump Jam, high jump, Discus, Shot put, Relays and 400 metre race. The first Athletic event was Jump Jam. When were inside the hall Mrs Heeps was leading the jump jam. By the time we were inside I felt nervous with all the students around me while I was doing jump Jam. I felt really bored until someone made me laugh which made me feel better. The person who made me laugh was Paenganui because he was dancing crazy so he decided to jump on the stage. When we finished jump jam our next task was to go to high jump. The teachers that were in charge of high jump were Miss Paton and Miss Sayers. First the 10 year olds went first at high jump. I had fun when it was my turn. The first time I did this I jumped over successfully but the second time I didn’t make it, but it still was fun. When Veisinia had her turn twice she was shaking and she was struggling on the third round because it was so hard that she lost. After Veisinia had lost the high jump she went to the discus, she could hardly grip the discus because it was so big for her hand. When Chantelle had her turn at the discus she was like Veisinia not been able to grip the discus but Chantelle and Veisinia still tried their best at the discus. After we had finished the discus we went to Relays. In the first round you had to run 50 metres. I didn’t win the first round but 1 of my friends Veisinia came 3rd place. After the 1st round had finished, it was time for the 2nd round which you had to run 100 metres. Veisinia came 2nd in the second round. I still didn’t win but I never gave up and that’s what makes it fun. When we had finished the relays we went to shotput which was when you had to throw a round ball as far as you could. My ball didn’t go far but I still had fun. Finally the 400 meter race was here. Veisinia didn’t know what place she came in but I know that she won because I was watching her. It was the best day ever.

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Hey you two super star,

Your work is lovely and I like your picture as well. Keep up the goodd work !!! :)