Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Katarake's trip to the museum

My Auckland museum trip
(Weird and wonderful)

Yippee, We got to go inside the Auckland Museum. The people that were in my group were Roswell, Henry, Michael W, Howick and Roswell’s grandma Eva. We had to go inside the Natural discovery area. I saw a kiwi, penguin, eggs of penguins and other animals. I really liked the birds that were hanging up.

When I went inside the cave I was scared because I thought that there was a scary thing inside it. When I finished going inside the cave I saw some geckos that were inside a big glass box. The next place we went to was the land and sea history. I saw a fish, sharks, crabs and all living creatures that are in the oceans. While we were walking to the volcano room I saw a lobster under a glass. We were able to walk on the glass that the lobster was hiding under.

After that we went into the place that had volcano’s inside. We had to go inside the volcano room to watch this movie and the floors moved when the volcano erupted. I was shocked when the floor had moved.
The next thing we saw were about people making cups. The cups and plates were made by a New Zealand company called Crown Lynne. Then we had to have lunch.

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