Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Viola's letter to Santa

Dear Santa

I have been a good girl this year. I have been helping Miss Paton organize the reading task board with Veisinia. I have helped my older sister baby sitting. I have helped my mum clean the house. In the first term I helped my nice teacher Miss Paton and I hope that I get something. This year I would like art tools, toys, new games for my X box 360 and thing’s for school next year.

From your lovely friend,



Anonymous said...

Hey Viola,

I like your letter to Santa.
I was wondering how you decided what you wanted for Christmas because I want a lot of things.

Michelle said...

Hello Viola,

That was a very good letter to Santa. I really liked how you said how you have been a good girl like helping your big sister when she was baby sitting. It was so good I can't think of anything for you to improve on.

Isabella said...

HI Viola

I really like your letter to santa. I hope that you will get what you wrote in your letter.I'm glad you said to get you stuff for next year.

Miss Paton said...

Hi Viola,

I hope you got what you were wanting for Christmas.

From Miss Paton