Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eastern Beach here we come: Nicola

Eastern Beach here we come! On Monday February 27th 2012 our whole entire school dressed in their best mufti (for a sunny day! and a trip). When I woke up I had to get my togs and towel ready for the big day ahead of me. So I had my breakfast and quickly walked to my school. I saw Candice and Kyra, they were really ready for a beach. Wow, I started to see everyone in the school. The bell rang I was so happy and excited because I had no idea what was going to happen. As I walked to class I saw my teacher Miss Paton. She was wearing a bright pink T shirt and shorts! I wondered whether it was her style. When it was time to go I felt as if I needed to pinch myself. Ohh Man! The bus was late! The whole school had to wait around 15 minutes. I wasn't that disappointed because I had Asmah to talk to. A lot of people saw a bus go by, and everyone had thought that it was the bus for us to go to the Beach. Guess what? It turns out it wasn’t ours. (I knew that). At last the bus has arrived! I was so excited to go on it. I haven’t been on one with a CLASS for a long time. I was glad that I got to sit next to Asmah. I got to see the green grass, all of the trees and.... Another school! I thought we’d have the beach to ourselves. Mr Johnston gave some instructions as to “We are not allowed to go past the bathrooms.” Then we could have some morning tea, and play all around! I loved my Marine Mix, it was delicious. Our teacher Miss Paton kept moving to one spot to another, I was like “come on!” Soon I started to climb a tree. I saw my friend, Katareana and I started to talk with her. Finally! It was time to swim only our class had to use life jackets. Oh no, my life jacket didn’t zip up. Miss Paton had tried but maybe not hard enough, Mr Johnston had tried, it worked! Brrrrr! The water was freezing cold! After a long time I got used to the water. Mr Nepia was saying to us “Try to float and kick backwards.” I did. It was like floating on fluffy clouds, although I’ve never felt that before. After a long learning session, all of Room 5 got to swim with out the life jackets. Later on I saw Katareana, my friend. We swam and also talked. It was too salty for me so I got out and got changed, I think I took 10 minutes, but I don’t know why. After I got changed I played with a frizz bee, played Volleyball soon I started to play with another friends bop it, my Katereana came and asked me “ Why did you get out of the water?” I said “ It was too salty” She joined in with Bop it! A lot of kids joined in Manley girls! Mmmn I’m Hungry, I ate the rest of my lunch. I guess all of the girls and I must of spent a long time with the Bop it. Soon it was time to go on the bus. Before everyone left I climbed the tree again. I was doing that before Mr Johnston talked. I then heard Mr Johnston speak his last words. Room by room at a time they went and we went on the bus. When we went Asmah and I heard someone FART! EEW. We went on the bus in the same place. As we got to school our class had to think of some words that best describe the trip we just went on. I has so much fun on the trip!

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