Monday, March 12, 2012

The Eastern Beach Picnic. By Rose

Yes! On Monday February 27th 2012, Panmure Bridge School went on a  school picnic. There were some parent helpers like Aryan’s grandmother, Isabella’s Aunt, Cody’s mother and Keri. All of Panmure Bridge School waited and waited for the school bus.  Then everyone thought
that was the school bus, but it was just a car parking. Then the school bus arrived at last. All of Panmure Bridge school went on the bus to go to Eastern Beach. When we went to Eastern Beach we had a snack. After we had a snack we played some games. After that some people went to go and got changed for swimming. First they had to wear some life jackets. I was so happy because I played in the sand with my cousin. After people swam we had some lunch and fruit. After that the bus came and it was time to go. When we were going to go on the bus I said to my cousin “This was the best Eastern Beach picnic I have ever been on”.

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