Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Eastern Beach Picnic By Teagan

Eastern Beach Trip

On Monday February 27th the whole of Panmure Bridge School went to Eastern Beach. The start of the day was great until... the bus was late! I was confused but eventually we got there. We had a yummy snack and classes put their bags under the shade of trees. After that Tevita brought a rugby ball and we boys played an exciting game of touch. All the classes were getting called up to do the life jacket drill, I knew that our class was next. Then Mr. Johnston said

“room 5 come to the beach for your life jacket drill”. I quickly raced
over to my togs. I was as quick as a Ferrari to get in the water and put my life jacket on, but “Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”! The water was as cold as ice blocks, and I kept spitting water out of my mouth, every ten seconds.With my life jacket on I and some other people were going out far in the ocean until we got to the teachers canoe. Mr. Johnston told our class to get out of the freezing water. I started playing touch again but this time Mr. Nepia was playing. He should be in the All Blacks because he’s got skills. Ohhh it was time to go now I was tired and wanted to go to sleep on the bus. The racket of people talking kept me awake. I went to sleep early that night and felt great the next morning.

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