Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Eastern Beach Picnic By Tim

On Monday 27th February Panmure Bridge school went to Eastern Beach. I felt thrilled that we were going to Eastern Beach. I was so tired waiting for the bus to arrive. We arrived at Eastern Beach at 10 am. Eastern Beach was fun. Eastern Beach has a shiny sea and it has lots of trees. I went Eastern Beach with my class and the whole school. We went to Eastern Beach because to have a fun day out. The juniors had their swim in the shiny sea first. After that it was time for morning tea and I had a banana for my morning tea. Then it was time for the seniors to swim in the sea. Later on it was lunch time and I ate all my lunch. Then I played volleyball with Ohhsen,AJ and Sylis. After I ate my fruit I played some games with room eight. Finally it was home time and the whole school went on the bus to go back to school.

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