Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Going to the fun Eastern Beach By Liantre

Eastern Beach

On Monday 27th February  we went to Eastern Beach.The whole school went. We had to  line up on the court. We all sat down, then we stood up. We were walking through the car park and were waiting for  the buses to come.  One bus came  but it wasn’t our bus so we were waiting for another bus to come but it wasn’t our bus. Finally the bus came and it was our bus. Room  6 went on the bus and then Room6 nearly  filled up the bus. Room5 went in the bus but some people couldn’t fit in the bus  so they had to go in with Room7 &Room8. We all left school at 10 o’clock. Room6 & Room5 went to line up on the grass because Ms Kirkpatrick and Mr Johnston wanted to talk to us about  water safety while we had our morning tea.

I had one swim because l  hate swimming in the sea. l had fun at Eastern Beach. l made a sand castle. l also played volleyball, played on the the tree & had lunch. l was eating all my lunch and then someone found a hide out so l  went to climb up but  a  teacher told us to get  down from the hide out  because it was out of bounds .But we didn’t  care. The people that were swimming  had to get out because they had to have lunch so they got out and had  their lunch and  they played  in the water & played in the sand. Then we got told to get out of the water.They went to go and get changed. The whole School went to line up on the grass. It took 10 to 20 minutes for the bus to come. Finally the bus  came. We went back to school. l had a fun day at Eastern Beach!!!

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Taryn said...

Hi Liantre,

Neat storie that you have there. I like the way that you said there was a hide out and it was out of bounds but you said that you don't care you are very funny sometimes.That was very neat peice of work Liantre. Great one keep it up!!