Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to make a Tapa Cloth, By Addnan

...How To Make A Tapa Cloth...
Brown Paper
Brown Dye
Cotton buds
  • Find a Tapa Pattern That you want to draw.
  • Find a Brown Piece of paper that is 30cm x 30cm.

  • Rule up a 10 by 10 grid (rule boxes 3cm apart on a 30 cm Square piece of brown paper).
  • Draw the Tapa pattern that you found on the brown piece of paper with pencil. {Step 1}
  • Rub out all the lines that you made for the grid.
  • Go over all the patterns with your vivid.
  • Colour some of the patterns in with black vivid.
  • Scrunch it up as much as you can to make it soft, approximately 10 times.
  • Dye the entire paper brown.
  • Wait for it to dry. {Takes about 3-5 hours to dry}
  • Use cotton buds to put bleach on the parts that you want white.
  • Hang the Tapa cloth on the wall to display it.

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