Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Fantastic Time At Eastern Beach. By Asmah

On Monday February 27th, I was sound asleep just as I was going to go have the best dream. Then my mum woke me up and said Asmah time to go to school. Oh mum do I have to, Yes she said don`t you want to go on the trip. What trip? I said. “The Eastern beach trip” my mum said. I quickly jumped out of my bed and quickly got dressed. I ran as fast as I could to school. I was worried that the teachers and the students already went to Eastern beach with out me.

When I reached room 5, I was amazed that I was early. I hung my bag and sat down on the carpet. Soon Miss Paton did the roll. After Miss Paton did the roll she took out a clip board from her bag. Soon everybody lined outside.

Next the whole school was waiting at the drive way for the bus. The bus took forever, then a few minutes we saw a bus but that was not the school bus . I felt like the bus would never arrive. Finally the bus came, when I got up my legs were in pain.
Soon we reached Eastern beach. Then Ms Kirkpatrick and Mr Johnston told whole school where we were allowed and how far we are allowed in the water. Ms Kirkpatrick also told us that there is another school here.

After Ms Kirkpatrick and Mr Johnston finished talking we had our morning tea. Next rooms 1, 2,3 and 4 went in the water first for a swim. Then Mr Johnston said “Room 5 time to do life jackets with Mr Nepia”. The water was so cold that it felt like ice blocks. My brother and I was not allowed to swim in the water.

When we finished doing the life jackets we went swimming. It was Room 6`s turn. Mr Johnston got in a kayak and went in the water so the students wouldn’t go too far. Mr Johnston explained how to put on the life jackets on.

Soon it was lunch time, I had a healthy burger. Next I played volley ball with Nicky and Katareana. Then I played on the trees and then I played bob it with Dallas, Nicky, Katareana and my little brother.

Soon it was time to go back to school. I had a fantastic time at Eastern beach with my friends and my little brother.

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Abdurrahman said...

I love the way you started your story Asmah.