Monday, March 12, 2012

My time at Eastern Beach, By Alazay

Wow what a beautiful day!!! The birds were chirping and the waves were splashing at Eastern Beach. When the whole school went out to the driveway and the buses weren’t there we had to wait. We waited about 10 -15 minutes for the buses and then the buses came. We hopped on the buses and went to Eastern Beach. On the bus all the girls sang songs. When we got there it looked like an island paradise. We played on the sand and built a mermaid, until Mr Johnston said “It is time for Room 5’s ‘turn for the life jacket lesson”. We all started to swim on our backs and on our tummies. Next we had to take the life jackets off and went swimming without the life jackets. When it was time for lunch I had donut’s, cookies, chicken, cheerios, fruit and juice. Next I played on my iPod and listened to music, until it was time to pack up and go back to school.

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