Friday, March 9, 2012

My time at Eastern Beach

Eastern Beach

It is finally Monday February 27th the coolest day yet. I just could not wait to hop on the bus to get to the amazing Eastern beach. First Miss Paton had to do the roll and for the first time, I saw Miss Paton in shorts. Then I was excited for the bus. The bus took forever to come but then we all heard a sound that sounded like a bus. Soon after the sound there came two more buses. There was no luck for us. Then another bus came and it was the school bus to take us to Eastern Beach. Finally, a bus came passed with a word that said school. It was a school bus and then everyone stood up and ran fast to the bus. We were all ready to hop on. Then Miss Paton started to count all the student’s to get on the bus. After the students had got on the bus the bus was all full. Soon after two buses came along, then we had to hop on to the next bus. I hopped on and sat in the bus. Later on I saw a beach and I thought to myself could that be Eastern Beach. Finally we got even closer to the beach. Yes! I said shouting in the bus, we are finally here. I took a look everywhere to see if I could remember anything from last year. The first thing I saw were the Volley ball grounds. But the first thing I saw was the cave from last year. What was that on the corner of the cave? It was the old place that people always use to climb. A few hours later we started to put on life jackets with Mr.Nepia. After that we got to have a free swim with out our life jackets. After we all hopped out we got changed. Tyler and I ran to the changing rooms. I ran really fast to my lunch and ate my terrific roll that my mum made for me. My mum made me three filled rolls and I ate two. Then I walked to Addnan and sat down with him because he couldn’t swim. So I asked him if he wanted some lunch? and he said
“no “because he already had lunch. I felt bored so I played touch with the twins,Tevita, Suliasi, Teagan,Trinity, Henry and Piripi. Mr. Nepia was coaching. I stopped playing and sat with Addnan and watched. I joined in on the game and played with Addnan. I made a new friend. He was Suliasi’s cousin. He said he came from America. I aksed him where do you come from? he said he came from Tonga and America. Soon Mr.Jonston said “If you want to go for one more swim then do so now”. After the kids got out, we all got in a perfect line of clases. We all got up and walked to the buses. This time it took four buses to take us back to school. Later on I went home.

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