Thursday, May 24, 2012

How far can your jet propelled cable car travel?

This week we have been making jet propelled cable cars. We first made a rectangular prism and a triangular prism. We glued the prisms together to make a cable car. From there we had to thread a fishing line through a straw, stick the cable car onto the straw and blow up a balloon really big. We attached the blown up balloon to the cable car and let it take off. Tyler did really well with his cable car with a distance of
8 metres. Piripi's, Kifi's, Pace's and Miss Chapman's cable cars travelled the same distance which was 7 metres. Fine's cable car travelled the shortest distance which was 3 metres. It was a fun activity letting the balloon off and measuring whose cable car travelled the furthest.

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Faitele said...

Hi Room 5

I like your graph room 5. It must of been fun making and flying your plane. How did you make your planes?