Friday, May 11, 2012

More of our amazing cranes

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.


Henry said...

Hi Room 5 I liked your amazing cranes movie it looked like you Guys had fun making it I wish I was there

By Henry

Jacob said...

Hi room 5

I like your oragami paper cranes. How did you make them? I really like how you made the heads of them.


Anonymous said...

Room 5 we like the way you all used different coloured paper to make your paper cranes. What did you enjoy the most about making your paper cranes?

Puke said...

Hi Room 5 I liked how you created all of those colourful paper cranes . What sort of equipment did you use for the paper cranes? I don’t know how to make on.

By Puke

Anthony said...

Hi Room 5 nice work on those paper cranes I wish I could make some paper
cranes. Were the paper cranes hard to make?Keep up the good work.

Faitele said...

Hi room5

I really like your awesome cranes and the colour. I like the wings how did you make it?

By Faitele

lavinia said...

Hi Room 5 I liked your cranes they were great cranes you made how did you feel. When you made the cranes?
and I like your different colours that you used keep up the great work.

Robert said...

Hi room 5 I like your paper planes and I like your colors that you put on the paper planes by.

By Robert.