Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reflecting on my origami crane - By Aryan

Reflecting on my Origami Crane

Please write detailed answers, as reflecting helps you build understanding with your learning.

1. Are you pleased with your origami crane? why?
Yes,I am really happy because my crane looks so nice.

2. What part did you find easy? why?
I found making the head was easy because I just
had to put the pointy bit on the bottom.

3. What part did you find tricky / difficult? Why?
The part I found difficult was getting the sides and putting them up.
I found it hard because it was my first time making Origami.

4. Who helped you in making your Origami Crane?
Miss Paton’s instructions helped me make my paper crane.

5. What would you do differently next time? Think about folding, listening, persistence (not giving up) etc.
Next time I would do it all by myself and show it to my family.

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