Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Motat Reflection By Caitlin

Motat Reflection

 1. Describe three things you learnt on the MOTAT trip
I learnt about Trams and that they use wire to connect to another wire to make the Trams move.
 I learnt about Aeroplanes and found out which one was the smallest plane. It was The Flea.
 I learnt that the Mirror Maze was confusing.

 2.Describe three things you want to learn more about on the topic Flight
 The Vampire plane, The Flea and the Tiger Moth

 3.Describe three things you enjoyed doing on the MOTAT trip Say why you enjoyed them
The Mirror Maze because it was interesting and fun.
 Looking at the cars because there were a lot of olden day cars and they had cool styles.
The Aeroplanes because I learnt that different planes have purposes e.g. Fighter Planes,

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