Saturday, August 4, 2012

My report on Valerie Adams By Isabella

Valerie Kasanita Adams



Valerie Kasanita Adams is a famous New Zealand shot putter. She has won many gold medals and she has broken many world records because of her powerful throwing ability.

Valerie Adams was born on 6th October 1984, in Rotorua New Zealand. She has a Tongan mother and her  father was English born. She also has several brothers. She was a shy child at school, she went to Otatara Primary School also she went to Mangere High School. She is 6 ft 5 in tall and she weighs 120 kg. She was also good at basketball. Her first coach was Kirsten Hellier she was well known for Javelin player. They met in 1998 and were together for 11 years.

In Valerie’s life there has also been some sadness because her mother died when she was 15 years old and it was her mother that inspired her. Also Valerie and her husband were divorced,

Valerie Adams has broke the world record for shot put in bare feet for the junior championship. She won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. In Jamaica she threw a shot put at 17.73m.
She won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games. Valerie Adams best throw was 21.24m. Valerie Adams has won 2 gold   medals, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal. At the 2009 Grand Premio Rio in Brazil she won the competition with a new personal best and oceanian area record of 20.69m.  She won at the 2012 IAAF continental cup with a Season’s best mark of 20.85m.

Valerie Adams is well known for the three time world champion and two time Commonwealth and indoor champion for shot put.
She might win something for this year at the London 2012 Olympics.

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