Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Report on Valerie Adams By Quaid

Valerie Adams is a very famous shot putter. She has won many gold medals at the Olympics and has broken many world records.

Valerie Kasanita Adams was born on the 6th October 1984 in Rotorua, New Zealand. She had a Tongan mother Lalika Ngauamo and an English father Sydney Adams. She is a member of the church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. Valerie has several brothers including a star basketball player Steven Adams.

Valerie was noticed at school by her P.E teacher how she has a lot of strength. Also she was very shy but she was very good at basketball. When Valerie was 15, in 1999 she competed in her first World Youth Championships in shot-put, finishing in tenth place.

Sadly in 1998 Lilika (Valerie`s Mum) was diagnosed with cancer. The next year she died in hospital. Many people knew that Lilika was an inspiration to Valerie. The next couple of years, Valerie tried her best in shot-put and she tried hard not to let this tragedy get in the way of her life.

Valerie competed in a lot of events such as the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. Valerie won gold at the 2006 Commonwealth Games. She won gold at the 2008 Beijing Games. She also won gold at the the 2010 Commonwealth Games. In Jamaica, she threw a shotput at 17.73 metres. She won silver at the Manchester Commonwealth Games.

Valerie is a very strong shot putter and she will continue to make New Zealand proud. There is no doubt that she will break more world records!

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