Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Letter to Miss Paton By Kifi

76 Kings Road.
3 September 2012

Hello Miss Paton

How has your trip been? Hope you are exploring a lot of countries and enjoying your holiday with your brother Mark.

Mr Blackmore has taught us a lot of things about space. He has also taught us about Neil Armstrong. We have made a timeline on space with, Laika the dog, the first monkey into space and Neil Armstrong.

We had a soccer field day and it was for boys and girls in year’s 5, 6 and  7. I was in the yellow team with Teagan, Andre, Chloe, Orica, Faitele, Kobe, Kyra Lee, Leenas, Bradley and Efaraima. I was the top scorer with the total of 4 goals and Teagan had the second most with the total of 3. Our coach was Mr Murray. We won 3 games and lost 3 games.
Your’s Sincerely,

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