Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Poster on Thanksgiving By Isabella

This is my poster on thanksgiving. I have worked on this with my partner Taryn. From working on this poster I have learnt that 91% of people eat turkey on thanksgiving day. Check it out and make some comments.


Angel said...

Hi Isabella,

I like your poster on Thanksgiving. The colours really stand out. I also enjoyed reading your information. Keep up the great work.

By Angel

Chantelle said...

Hi Isabella & Taryn

I love your thanksgiving poster the colours really make it and give it so much detail



Caitlin said...

Hi Taryn and Isabella

Your poster on thanksgiving is wonderful the colours on your background really stand out there is also a lot of information

Keep up the good work


candice said...

Hey Bella,

I really liked the colours you used for your poster, and you choose some great pics you also had good information.

Keep up the great artistic work!