Sunday, December 30, 2012

Amato 2012 Netbook Reflection

This year I have found using my netbook to be successful.I have enjoyed using my netbook because....

we can use our netbooks  for  different websites and
we can use it to find answers we don’t know.
we can use our netbooks  for commenting to others who are in different kind of schools  around the world. We can use our net books to do our work  and to file so the teacher sees what we are doing and she can give us feedback. We can use our netbook  for looking for answers and we can use it for Maths Whizz and Sum dog.

The barriers in using my netbook are  my Maths Whizz is always slow because the kids in my class are all on maths whizz.
When I log into my Google Apps account it is always slow.
Every time when I do reading and make a copy it is always slow.

Owning my netbook

I look  after it every time and charge it sometimes.  I hold it properly with two hands
i  like going on maths whizz.

I like to go on to different websites to find the right answer to my celebrations.

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