Sunday, December 30, 2012

Andre's Netbook Reflection

This year i have found using my netbook to be successful. I have enjoyed using my netbook because....

We can go on Math Whizz it helps you to know new things at maths. You can play Math Whizz when you finish your work or when my teacher says we can go on Math Whizz. I play Maths Whizz it make me learn some things new at Maths.

The barriers in using my netbook are....

Sometimes you forget your password. You can’t go on gmail because I forgot my password. I can’t go on google docs because I forget my password.

The interesting aspect / parts to using my netbook are... because          

It is easy for searching for information. If i don’t know some words I can go and search the word that I don’t know and it will tell me what it is. You don’t need to use a dictionary, you can just use your netbook. You can search for any of word.

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