Saturday, December 8, 2012

Isabella's 2012 Netbook Reflection

This year I have found using my netbook to be successful. I have enjoyed using my netbook because.....  
We can upload presentations, photographs, stories and other things. When I put something on my blog I always put a picture to go with it. Also I enjoy uploading stories that we do in class because when we get it checked I can upload it to my blog. When we do presentations like how we're doing presentations for our Festivals and Celebrations. I find uploading things on my blog really successful because then when we have more posts we get more comments and we have more people from around the world checking out my blog. I also like it when people comment on my work and that will let me know that I’m doing a great job on my work and on my blog. Also I can show my work off in assembly, in class on the big screen or to other people from other schools or around the world.

The barriers in using my netbook are.....
When we had internet problems and flash issues with maths whizz. I really find it annoying because when we need to do something really important with our learning our internet gets really slow because a lot of people are on their netbooks or the other classes are on their netbooks. Also when we have to go on math whizz we have flash problems and when I go on it the whole screen freezes when it is in the middle of loading. The sad issue with my netbook was when it got taken in the burglary. I got really upset that it got taken and I got really tired when it took a long time to get another one. I also don't like it when my math whizz is slow we have to reimage it my netbook over and over again.

The interesting aspects / parts to using my netbook are.......
Getting to take my netbook home for the holidays or during the week so we can do our homework. Also when we take our netbooks home and we haven’t finished our work we can do it at home. I like taking my netbook home because when we have nothing to do in the holidays we can go on other peoples blogs or we can publish a story we did in the holidays or we can make comments on other peoples blogs.

I also like it when Miss Paton checks my work so that she can show it in assembly or she can put it up in class on the big screen so that I know that I have done a great job with my work.

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