Sunday, December 30, 2012

My own narrative: The Broken down car By Tevita

The Broken Car

One hot day, there was a family on a holiday. The mother’s name was Taylor and the father’s name was Scott. They both had wonderful children. Their names were Lilo and Bling. They had a pet dog named Stitch, he was a big dog. Stitch was a K-9 dog. Lilo was the smart one and Bling, well he was the strong one and the oldest one in the family. Bling was seventeen years old and Lilo was only fifteen years old.

Once they started to pack up for the picnic Scott said
” Go to the toilet before you get in the car. “ They went down the driveway and headed off to Tepu Bay. When they were halfway there, their car started to break down. Lilo said
” Dad why did we stop? “ Dad replied” That’s because of the car breaking down Lilo. “ Scott took off his seatbelt and went outside and checked the engine. He grabbed his cell phone to call one of his friends and his cell phone said” No signal. “ Taylor said
” Scott, is the engine ready to go? “ ” No, it is not ready to go! “ Scott said desperately.

Scott told Bling to help him push the car while Taylor steered the wheel to get off the road. Suddenly a truck pulled up and the fat driver got out. Scott asked if he could help tow the car back home. The driver said in a deep voice” Yeah, sure I can help. “ So the fat man got a rope that had a hook at the end and hooked it on the front of the car. They all went back home, but they still had their picnic in the backyard. Taylor said in a thankful way to the driver,
” Would you like to stay for the picnic? “
” Sure, I would like to stay, thank you “ said the fat man thoughtfully. They all had a lovely day in the back yard outside.


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