Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh no Dad, By Teagan

At the moment we are on summer holiday in New Zealand. All students are on holiday for about six weeks. During the next month, Creative Voice will feature some of our best pieces of work that they have been done during the year. New work will feature on Creative Voice in mid February.

My Fishing Story

One sunny me my Dad and my cousins were fishing at the Panmure Wharf. My Dad packed up heaps of bait and made sure the weather and the sea was alright.  It was a quiet day for us as no one had caught any fish yet. We had been there for almost 2 hours and none of us could catch one. My Dad said one more hour and then we will go home.

My cousin threw his fishing line into the sea not expecting anything when...... A great big pull nearly pulled him into the ocean. He was pulling with all his strength, back and forth went the fish and my cousin. My cousin pulled with all of his strength and pulled the fish out of the water. It was like pulling a truck. It was a great big Snapper. This would feed our family for sure.  He pulled it up, it was twisting and swirling like a crazy animal. He got it off from the hook and gave to my Dad.

It was twisting and twirling in my Dad’s hands. It was trying to escape. My Dad was wobbling and the fish was wobbling too. My dad dropped it on the floor. My dad dropped the only fish we caught on the floor. It flipped and it flopped, my Dad tried to jump on it but it was too late.  It rolled into the sea. I was laughing and my cousins were laughing too. It didn’t really matter because that was a breading fish and it was too big. My Dad just covered it up by buying some fish from the store. He told us not to tell anyone or we will get in trouble.

Never give your fish to my Dad.
The End

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