Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oh S'mar Maths: Making Traffic Light Jelly Volume and Capacity

  Volume and Capacity

1 Tablespoon = 15 mls
Yesterday you used or are going to use 6 Tablespoons of jelly for each colour. How many Ml’s does six tablespoons measure.

Show your working out either using +, x, -, /

Write out your strategy here: 30+60=90
My strategy I used: 15+15=30+15+15=60+15+15=90

Present your answers in this table

ColourNumber of TablespoonsNumber of Millilitres (mls)
Total-calculate each row18270

Yesterday we made 13 pottles of Traffic light Jelly.
13 students will be the first to enjoy the jelly. How many more students need to make jelly and have this yummy privilege. We have 31 students.

Show your strategies you used: 31-13=18

Yesterday we used:
2 packets of green jelly
2 packets of orange jelly
2 packets of red jelly
The jelly will serve 13 students

How many packets do we need for 31 students? 5 of each color
Recipe: - serves 13 students
2 packets of Jelly
2 cups of hot water
2 cups of cold water

1 cup = 250mls
2 cups = _________500_____________?

If you combined the hot and cold water together how many mls do we need?
Show your strategies: 250+250=500

_____1000______  mls

Convert this amount into ____1____  litres


If you were making traffic light jelly for 31 students - write out the list needed for this amount

Include total including the colours
_______5_____ red
________5____ orange
_______5_____ green
_______15_____  Total packets of jelly needed for 31 students
______15______ total cups of hot water
________15____ Total cups of cold/chilled water
How many litres would you need of hot and cold water?
7.5 15 cup +15 cups=30 cups 30x 250=7500 mls=7.5ltrs

Work out the number of total tablespoons needed. You can do it by colour first or combine colours together 500 tablespoons altogether.

Show the strategies you used: 7500 ÷ 15=500.

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