Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tim's Netbook 2012 Reflection


This Year I Found Using My Netbook To Be Successful. I Have Enjoyed Using My Netbook Because... I can make comments to other schools with good things and positive things. Making comments to other students and their blogs makes me a good person because it makes me a good thinker. Commenting to other blogs is fun for me.

The barriers in using my netbook This year I have a lot of flash problem on my netbook. Sometimes I can’t go on docs so that is a problem. Every time I have a problem I ask the teacher not someone who doesn’t know how to fix it. In class we had a burglary and the thieves stole some netbooks and one of them was mine. So I got a new netbook.


I think google docs help me with my work because you can make document and do your work. I can file it under maths, writing, reading or inquiry so Miss Paton can check it. When Miss Paton makes a comment to me about my work Miss Paton would highlight the word or sentence that doesn’t make sense, or the word that is spelled incorrectly. I can go back to it and fix up the mistake. Miss Paton can tell me to put my work that I did on my blog so Miss Paton’s heart won’t be sad.

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