Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Print Making Reflection By Latisha

Print Making Reflection

1. Are you pleased with your prints? Why / Why not?
I am pleased with my print because I worked really hard on it.

2. What is your favourite print and why? Crayon Rubbing, Crayon and Dye, Dry Ink and Wet Ink
Dry Ink and Wet Ink.

3. What is your least favourite print and why?
Wet Ink was my least favourite.

4. What did you find easy?
Crayon rubbing.

5. What did you find hard?
Cutting out my print.

6. What would you do differently next time?
I would take my time in cutting out my print.

7. Who / What has helped you in the printmaking process?
Miss Paton and my friends.

8. What is something you have learnt from printmaking?
I have learnt how to do the wet Ink and I have also learnt how to cut my athlete perfectly.

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