Sunday, January 13, 2013

My report on Baron Pierre De Coubertin By Nicola


Who wants to know who Baron Pierre De Coubertin is? Well I happened to learn all about him. Baron Pierre De Coubertin is famous for reviving / bringing back the Olympic games.

When Baron Pierre De Coubertin was growing up, he was brought up in a rich French family. Baron was born on new years day ( January first ) in 1863, plus he was the fourth child. His dad was an artist and sold his paintings on a display in Parisian salons. Also his mum was a musician. His relationships between his parents was unfortunately strained.

He went to law school for awhile then left after a year. Soon Baron went to another department and learnt more about science and politics. He  had an interest in Sports and education. Once he went to England and met a person called William Penny Brooks, and together they studied the history of the Olympics Games ( which we call ‘ancient Olympic Games’ )   and started a good series of sporting festivals .  

Once Baron was the Nd president of the international Olympic committee.

Sadly Baron died in 1937, in September 2nd when he was just 74 in Geneva, Genève, Switzerland.

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