Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Patrick's Time Line

Mrs Paton's interpretation Patrick was born in May 2002. I learnt that there is a start year and an end year when creating a time line. Patrick's time line year started in 2002, because this was the year Patrick was born. The end date is 2013 because it is the present day. When we made time lines we had to work out half of Patrick's age. Patrick is ten years old and to work out the centre line we had to half the 10 to make 5. This was the centre line to Patrick's time line. This was centre make which showed that Patrick started school. From 0-5 years on the left side of the timeline shows Patrick's early milestones from 6 - 10 years on the right side shows Patrick's school years.

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Latham said...

to patrick I like your cool time line I have one just like you.latham