Friday, March 22, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood Narrative By Jacob

Once upon a time there was a little girl called  Little Red Riding Hood. Her grandmother was very ill and her mother asked Little Red Riding Hood to take some tarts to grans cottage in the woods. Little Red Riding Hood got her things ready, she was walking along the path then the big bad wolf saw in her basket. Jam tarts yum jam tarts you must be going to grandma's oh no the tarts have made me hungry. As she got to grans cottage and the big bad wolf had ran around the back to get into the cottage so Little Red Riding Hood couldn’t see. The big bad wolf gobbled granny up and changed into her nightgown and jumped in to her bed. Little Red arrived and open the door and asked why do you have such big ears “ All the better to hear you with” what big eyes you have “ All the better to see you with” But grandma what big teeth you have “ All the better to at you with”. She screamed very loudly, her dad heard her scream and came running in and shot the big bad wolf her dad saved Little Red Riding Hood so they all had lunch and lived happily ever after. The end  

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Creedence said...

Hi Jacob,

Great start on your Little red Riding hood story great pictures and details kepp the good work up

By Creedence